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Thoughts on Unity? It seems that it's been getting a big push this past couple of years. I tried it once when it was on 3 but never really gave it a fair chance after that.

It's currently barely usable
Wait for 5.3 at least
Or use 4
Use it because it supports a ton of platforms and don't have to deal with c++
Seems pretty cool. I have the same mentality you do about unreal engine.

What dont you like about it?
With custom shaders and camera effect. It can turn out pretty good looking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33WcWmrXUno
That is really nice. What could that be useful for? Looking at an expensive loft, while hearing piano music to emphasize how depressing real life is that we'll never be there?

Although if I did live there in real life, I'd probably be bored, and leave if I didn't attract a partner to live with.
Archviz is a very booming line of work. It allows people to show their clients what the building could look like before it's built, so they can better decide whether to go ahead or make changes. It's also often used as promotional material to earn funding for a construction project. Or even just used to generate different layouts for someone's rooms.
I love Unity's post processing effects. This one is a little bit over the top but it's there to showcase all the fancy effects

It's simple, flexible, and well optimized.

That said, on much bigger projects it starts to fall apart. There's also the issue of it being extremely bare-bones, requiring many plugins to get what is normally considered base functionality.

I like working with UE4 more, but I don't think it's quite as well optimized for mobile.
The new light mapper in Unity 5 is a lot worse than the one in Unity 4
Larger file size and lower quality
And it takes forever / crashes if you dare to bake a simple 100x100 plane without splitting it into tiny individual meshes
And if you move a single object you have to re-bake everything

Their "real-time GI" has the exact same issues as above
Only it's useless either way since it only works with a single directional light
* also needless to say the "real-time GI" doesn't affect moving objects
It doesn't in Unreal either... Unless you use the special build that has Nvidia's voxel based GI implemented.
holy shit manifold garden looks insane
>create a bunch of basic modular geometry, slap a toon shader on and instance thousands of them
>immediately impress plebs

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