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Probably the wrong crowd but, H15 is out today.
wtf is it?
Basically it's a 3d animation package like maya/max/etc, but everything is node based and procedural.
I used to go to their stuff, they used it on Blade 2
Who gives a fuck? Why should I give a fuck?
houdini is the industry standard for procedural animation. lotsa cool stuff has been made in it, one of my favorites being the lego water from lego movie
the fx in that entire movie are shit.
houdini wrecks if you're competent in it
houdini is confusing as shit but it and touch designer strike me as being extrmely powerful and having a lot of features that I've always wanted in 3DS Max
>Probably the wrong crowd but, H15 is out today.
Oh, We are the right crowd believe me.
The crowd ragdoll looks good.
Something i could use.

>Poly edge slide
It took them this long to get such a core modeling feature?

>Multiple bridge profiles at once
>Easily modifiable bridge profile
That's pretty nice though...
Going to download and have a play with it soon. The ragdolls look great, lava looks like it still needs some tweaking compared to the R&D videos on vimeo already.

Houdini's modelling seems focused on procedural stuff really. So things like making buildings or landscapes are really fast, but other programs are just better for non-procedural stuff.
I'm new to /3/, but how do you guys not know houdini? Its pretty big

Yeah, its good for objects and assets/effects, but chraracters and such are better done by hand
Its just a way different workflow than most 3D programs, but after the steep learning curve its really worth it

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