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How did all of you start doing 3d modelling/animating? Did you go to school for that or did you just learn all on your own? Is it possible to get a job like that? Is it worth for me to take a couple of courses in 3d, one for modelling, one for lighting and one for animation, all in 3dsmax I believe?

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I'm completely self-taught apart from the few hundred hours of online tutorials I've watched. I think the one thing to take away from a college course in 3D is that they're more broad and potentially more comprehensive in what they teach, which is good beginners more so than someone who has been doing this for years already. If you're the latter, places like CGWorkshops, iAnimate, and UArtsy have courses in specific veins of 3D assuming you already have some background in the field.
>I'm completely self-taught apart from the few hundred hours of online tutorials I've watched
Mate, if you're self taught, you didnt learn from anyone else. You basically took a free(?) online course, which we all know isn't self taught.
It was supposed to be a joke.

I can't imagine where I would be if I were self-taught.
You'd be wasting your time trolling on shitty websites like 4chan.

Im in a school which is only partly 3d focused. All you get from a school like that is the basics of everything, which wont propably get you far if you only try to go into the indurstry with only what a school like that taught you. If you plan to git gud in modeling / rendering / animating, thats going to take some time.

If you plan to take the courses, I suggest to do so if you plan on improving by yourself afterwards. It can be helpful to have someone guide you trough the basics, for example if you encounter some problem, the tutorial youre watching online propably doesnt have that problem, and it slows your learning down alot and demotivates you easily as you have to search for the said problem fix. While if you are in school and someone who knows things is around, he propably gets that error solved in no time.

>Most people tend to rig / animate in Maya, as it tends to do a better job at that than Max. Max is still valid for it, though.

Also, my school is generally bad, so a decent one might teach more than just the basics, or in better quality in overall.

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