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Yo people of Turbosquid.

> What sells best, what worst?
> How much Work do you have to put in so people buy your stuff?
> How long does it take to get noticed and stell anything?

And most of all:
Is it worth it?
If not, why do so many people use it?
in 5 years I've made 2.50
Turbo is for professionals, if you want to sell assets do unity store or freelance.
You must have made something useless.

Fully rigged human women do well, depending on the design.
Pricey, but they do well. If you can make it cheaper, and just as good, or better it won't be wasted. Here's proof.


almost every thread.

goddamn when will people actually get good before trying to get into anything
I've been making assets for 3 years, i've made around 250$, my best selling model is the TARDIS from Doctor who, every time the BBC airs an episode someone buys one
My account made $25,000 since a few days ago. It sucks because I only end up with $10,000 of that. Must have had an account for something like 7 years. Best sellers seem to be my female characters.
>Fully rigged human women do well, depending on the design.
What I find fascinating is that while this is indeed true, I have yet to see regular use of them in things. I'm talking specifically the models sold on TS and elsewhere, not commodity stuff from DAZ3D.

Who's buying it? Where are they using it?
Personalized fetish porn and masturbation while posing them.
pics or it didnt happen
Are you motherfuckers trolling my ass about this fully rigged 3d woman selling well on TurboSquid? Because seriously, I can do work on the level of the stuff I am seeing in the link in >>498238

Hell, some of that, I could do half drunk on no sleep.
File: Untitled 1.jpg (13.23 KB, 442x159)
13.23 KB
13.23 KB JPG
I'd be making more, but I havent added a product in like 2 years.
so that was made with a couple of human 3d models?
If you can do this:

or this:

Power to you. If it is well done you'll make some money. People use these in everything.
What do you usually sell?
DO you make all the models, or do you hire someone else to help you along?
This one resembles Sandra Bullock a bit.

That is pretty

But that is even prettier, possibly the cutest face.

Oh lawd. People buy this shit? Look at that face.
Not me. F'd up botox. All around fugly face.

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