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Question for you good folks at /3/
I run a small 3d printing company
clients give me files
I sometimes have to edit them a little (3ds max) to make them suitable for 3d printing
and I print it. that's it.
yesterday some guy sent me pic related. A 3d pdf file. I honestly have no clue what to do with it. obviously I can't print it like this; I have to make it a little thicker but I can't seem to export the goddamn file to something 3ds max is able to import.

I found some button saying export.
>all it does is create a 0kb file

can somebody help me what to do with this crap?
additional info:
There are 2 options to export to: .csv and .xml.
Both have to sub-options: entire structure or current node. You're able to tick and untick some boxes and shit, and I've tried all combinations. All it does is create a 0kb file.

Obviously I tried to google it, but it gave me a shitload of results about how to convert a 3dsmax file to 3d pdf, not back.

I found a plugin which said it could import PDF shit in 3ds max. Except for it couldn't.

The guy who sent it to me says he doesn't have the original file. He says this is the original file. Yep
Tell Mr Serge Laroux to send you a better file type. Also stop posting client info on here.
use solidify modifier

Basically what >>498012 said.

1. You run a business, so you are expected to be, and behave like, a professional. If a client comes to you with a request that does not conform to specific standards, make this clear to your client and discuss possible options. If no suitable options are available, just say so. You might lose a client but avoid a bad name for messing something up.

2. For next time, prepare a list of requirements a commission/project has to conform to. Include things like suitable file formats, minimum thickness/detail, maximum size, etc. that are required to provide the best possible results. Show those lists on your website and your place of business. If a client provides material not up to those standards, you can refer him/her to that list. Then it is clear it is the clients responsibility. In such cases you can even offer to fix issues for a small fee or for free as service, increasing your good name.

Why did you put a red line over the filename on the top bar, but not on the taskbar?
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me corri en sus viejas
Do you tell your clients that you sometimes modify models to make them suitable?

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