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File: post.png (456.10 KB, 1904x1001)
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How do I unwrap this? I'm relatively new to the texturing part and I'm using this bedpost for my game, so it needs to be somewhat seamless and have a consistent pattern. When I unwrap a cylinder it comes out fine, but since this has triangles and pinch points will i have to texture a cylinder and make a new post from there? Or can I just vacuum seal the plain cylinder's texture around the bedpost?
File: post2.png (639.98 KB, 1904x1001)
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this one looks almost good but the top uv mapping option doesnt come out very straight
Seams are not a huge problem and having a few well placed ones can massively reduce reduce distortion and stretching and generally increasing the quality of the model. Just chop the top off of the bedpost.
File: Capture.jpg (59.53 KB, 467x805)
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Seam would be unnoticeable if you place them in the right places, like in pic related.

You shouldn't have that as one entire unwrap either for many reasons.
sigh. its you being retard.

try fucking cylinder unwrap nigga. also tops and down need to be own islands.
File: 1444771421579.jpg (10.52 KB, 255x235)
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Are you being a retard on purpose? Who even uses cylinder/cube/etc projections? All he needs to do is mark seams and separate the object into UV islands were needed.

A cylindrical unwrap can save a lot of time, you are the retard here.
Maybe if you're just unwrapping a fucking cylinder

ohh boy you are even worse than retard. you are a retard with an opinion..
Show me a case where cylindrical/square/spherical projections are actually better than a plain old unwrap with seams on an actual complex model.

Better? No. Faster, sometimes. Then you add appropriate seams. It helps with pulling shit apart so the relax modifier works quicker and gets closer to the result you want. Or even just a single click of the straighten button. Obviously you only do it to parts of a mesh and never the entire mesh or an open one.

Basically picture it as a curved plane projection to get things in place quicker.

Forget about square/spherical though.
Nigga we're taking blender here, fuck off with your over complicated unwrap tools and relax modifier shit. OP just break is up into more islands. You have plenty of edges and valleys to hide seams there.
File: Captura.png (33.84 KB, 666x956)
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this anon is right, just use cylinder unwarp
File: tp4.png (29.95 KB, 1561x868)
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>Unwrapping a cylinder
>What can go wrong?

How in the name of fuckitall?!
>Blender < 2.49
The fuck are you doing

Easier interface imo.

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