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I know this is not /adv/, but I'd like to hear your advice.
I live in Italy and I'm graduating (Bachelor Degree) in Computer Engineer, then I'm going to move to UK (maybe Edimburgh) to conclude my school career with a MSc in Graphic Vision or Software Engineer.
There's only a problem: I'd love to become an animator and make some fucking cartoons since I was little, but I knew (and know) that I could theatrically fail, because I don't know whether I have the right skills to do it. So I'm graduating in a subject that I'm comfortable with, then I thought that I could apply for an animation school and pursue my passion.
Anyway I'd like to know what do you think of my plan and if you could suggest me the name of good animation schools (possibly with not such expensive tuition).

Have you considered to give a course on an online school a go? There are plenty of online schools out there and something short may help you decide.

I would recommend trying it out and then deciding.

As a, sort of, a grown up my advice is to live the life you want to; you can always learn a thing or two from "bad decisions" and live with those because even if you fail at least you gave those a chance... but you are sure to regret not taking the leap on something you want.

It's never too late to pursue a dream though.

As for online schools maybe animsquad. Last i checked they fee was reasonable.
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Regardless of anything you decide to do, get this book.
Yes, you're right, maybe the online school could help my situation, I was only a bit skeptical about them...
I'll definitely get it. Thank you!

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