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trying to convert a model to work in cod, did this many times before already but this one gives a warning i don't recognise or know how to fix
>*** WARNING: surface metal@a10tex.dds appears to be accidentally tiling, it probably has vertices too close to the edge
what does this mean/how can i fix?
the model was originally a .mesh i found on the internet somewhere which i converted .obj to open with milkshape then export as .xmodel_export for it to work with the cod converter
also had to cut it into a lot of different groups because otherwise it exceeded the maximum number of triangles per group the converter would allow

It means exactly what it says. Your texture file (dds) appears to be accidentally tiling. It probably has vertices too close to the edge.

You go into the unwrap and make sure all your verts are well within 1:1 space.

If none of that made sense then there's too much to teach you in a single post to help you with your problem.
oh was that it?
thats some nostalgia shit right there. i remember modding CoD in the early 2000's.

but yeah, like that other guy said it means that some UV's are outside of the 1:1 space.

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