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File: Andy On Stage.png (325.44 KB, 960x540)
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so, I am currently making a game based on the FNaF series. yes, i am indeed a FNaFaggot,
but I came here for advice. anything I can do to improve my models? this is one.

I honestly don't know where to start.

First of all it's underlit so I can't see it well. Moody lighting isn't all dark. You still need highlights/rims/whatever so you can actually make out shapes.
File: image.jpg (544.02 KB, 1100x1519)
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Why are you surprised OP is a faggot?

As for you OP, your texturing and materials suck, like majorly suck. You can't just use diffuse colors and get a pleasant look. Look up some shirt and pants textures, UV unwrap your model, and apply. Also use cycles, as I assume your using blender as blender usually attracts the biggest faggots since you have to pay for Maya or Max.

Secondly, the model looks wayyyy too blocky. Try pushing and pulling vertexes and edges and also add a few subdivisions.

Finnaly, the wall in the background looks like complete shit. Don't use a normal map for something like that, use a displacement map.

Finnaly, your lighting is bad. Add some
lights. Take a look at this render done by my friend Gleb Alexandrov, the scene is dim, and is only lit by things that would light a dark city up like that in the real world, like neon lights. Take notes OP, model some ceiling lights and add a dim ambient light.

Best of luck OP, I personally hate Scott Cawthorn and someone should dethrone that kike as Jumpscare king.

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