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Worth it?

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>Free program
>Pay as much as a MayaLT subscription just to learn it
Just torrent you dumb ngr.
I have an account. Blender courses are pretty good. The sculpting and digital illustration ones are very lackluster, they need more. I'm currently watching the Unity one.
It's nice to have your learning tools in one place, working methodically and delivered in a consistent manner and CG Cookie is pretty good as far as Blender tuts go.

Would I pay for it? . . .No!
Blender wiki, forums and a multitude of videos online, do the same job and costs me nothing!
OK, sometimes you do have to spend a fair bit of time sifting through the rubbish to find the thing that you are looking for but that's my choice!
Don't do it man, you can get the same shit for free if you search around, maybe you will spend more time looking for it but at least you don't lose money for something so stupid.
i paid for half year. it was worth it.
yes, because its bad.
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>$234 a year
You can go through all their stuff in 1 or 2 months, then cancel your subscription
I wouldn't pay for a full year but I did pay for a month and it did help me a lot when it came to things such as rendering and art
torrent their shit. if you think it's worth it, buy the subscription.
i personally don't think it is as you can learn most things from youtube, books or the wiki. i would buy the blender for dummies book over this subscription.

also, i've come to hate Jonathan as he doesn't seem to really understand the material before making a tutorial. One time I actually taught him a few things in a live chat session. I know Jonathan isn't the only tutor but he's the most prominent and he co-owns cgcookie.

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