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scatterbrained atm, been working on finals and wanted to post something and take a break for a bit. so sorry for if this makes no sense.

>can we please have an intelligent conversation of the pros and cons of Zbrush vs Mudbox.

ive been talking to my teachers that work at many of the large studios around LA/Hollywood area and have been told about how zbrush is really only used for blockouts, more of a concept sculpting program. Mudbox is a production sculpting program because it has a much better workflow and ease of use for production

>nobody uses zremesher is the industry
>nobody uses polypaint in the industry
>nobody uses fiber mesh in the industry
>bad program workflow

>but that dynamesh
>but those brushes

I like both programs but have been using it how ive been told it will work at a company.

>block out zbrush
>finish in Mudbox
>bake in Xnormal
>retopo in Maya
>UV in headus
>rig/animate in maya
>paint in either Substance or Mari ( or mudbox, but its not preferred )
>hair in shave&haircut
>render/light in arnold

so what i'm basically asking is what you guys think about Zbrush vs Mudbox. and the overall standard production pipeline.
The absolute only advantage Mudbox has over ZBrush is direct to texture painting.. That's it. ZBrush does everything else better. Your teachers probably just learned Mudbox first and stuck with it. If you actually go around online and look at job postings for studios, you'd be hard pressed to find ones asking for Mudbox. It's always ZBrush.

Mudbox is not any better in the pipeline. ZBrush has GoZ, which allows you to send back and forth between Maya and many other programs.

zRemesher is used as an intermediary tool, what you do after the initial blockout so you can start working with subdivision levels to get a quality sculpt for baking purposes. You retopo that sculpt either in ZBrush using the topology brush, or in something like Maya with quad draw. After retopo, you unwrap the retopo mesh and then bake the details from the high to the low.

Polypaint is used and baked to the low. But recently workflow has been shifting to using Quixel or SubstancePainter to do all the texturing work.
GoZ is too unstable to use. It corrupts files and messes with uvs and normals too much
GoZ is perfectly stable and has been continually updated. When you get that import error when sending an object to another application, it's usually caused by a naming error. Simply rename your subtool (without upperscores) and try again.

As for normals... ZBrush doesn't even support split per-vertex normals. Your normals are either soft or hard across the whole mesh.
more discussion

Fuck off, the thread died for a reason.
IMO mudbox as others have said is strong for texture painting, it wins over zbrush. that being said, there are other painting applications that beat out mudbox, mari being the obvious answer, which if you have used mudbox and mari , you would see how much better mari is, i don't have much experience with substance painter, but it looks pretty sweet, mari might be over kill for most tasks , so substance painter seems like the natural choice. your workflow is pretty standard and honestly zbrush will take you further than mudbox ever will, fiber mesh is pretty useless, BUT you can extract the control splines for use in maya, zremesher is pretty useless for end result , but it is very useful, example you are sculpting pants, you dynamesh (lets ignore marvelous designer for now ;) ) your pants are looking good , dyna mesh topology is dense and retarded, you clone your pants, you zremesh your clone, get some ok topology, can subdivide it and work with it a little easier, you want to get some texture on there, say like motorcycle pants , you use zbrushes auto uv on your zremesh , then you can use noisemaker to toss your pattern, you could also export the uv and apply a pattern in photoshop and then use that to displace your mesh inside of zbrush. really easy workflow, it's fast and you get nice results really quickly. polypaint is shit, it sucks that it is shit, but there is no other way around it, and zspotlight was a fucking failure right out of the gate, i tried to use it for months and it crashed me so many times couldn't even care at the end of it , i knew it was my own stupid fault. in short , use zbrush, read a few books, realize what you want to do , considering the workflow you outlined your interest is characters, so your are really only going to be using 10-20 features/ brushes. zbrush is such a powerful tool, and as a sculpting tool, it is much faster than mudbox.

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