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File: Kopesh.png (183.88 KB, 1600x900)
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I am an extreme newb to making models in blender or in anything. I've only made the model and thats it, idk how to do anything else. I'm seeing if I can put this into a game like Mount & Blade just to dick around. Am I hopeless? And is my model aight or does it need major editing?
What do you want as the end result? Right now it looks like an untextured sword. To get it in a game you have to export to a 3d file format your game supports.
OP here, yeah I want a sword (kopesh), I made this a while back but want to finish it, it would be my first complete blender project. But I only got to finish modeling cause idk how to unwrap it, give it a hit box, anything. Sorry if I'm doing a terrible job at explaining this. I would appreciate any tips and how to's.
The model looks fine to me. I'm not familiar with blender and its unwrapping tools, but I can tell you a model like this is very easy to unwrap (usually just planar projections on similar angled faces.) As for the hit box, you could use a box that encapsulates the part of your blade you want to deal damage. Not sure how Mount and Blade handles hit boxes on imported meshes though.
can't tell much about your model by just this screenshot but YT has pretty much EVERYTHING you have to know about blender.

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