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Hey guys.

i was asked by some people to record how i do modeling and was wondering if there is some good screen capturing software which can record my modeling without to make my computer melting or show some unrelated commercial shit on my videos.

can you recommend me some good and cheap software?

thank you and have nice day of your life.

Open Broadcaster Software can be used to record, you just change the settings and apply any kind of quality you want.

You can stream with OBS at any resolution, any bitrate, any framerate, so long as your computer can handle it.

Also, stream on Twitch under the Creative category. It doesn't have to be about games.
Second this.
Also, if you have a somewhat recent Nvidia card, you can use OBS's NVENC encoder, which will use your GPU to encode the video instead of the CPU, and thus you will see almost no slow down to your computer performance.
noice. I was JUST looking for screen recording shit for myself.

I guess it doesnt matter for your purpose, but the quality isn't going to be perfect. Make sure to use a high bitrate with x264, which will make the video files bigger but it will make the quality better and remove some encoding strain.

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