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I don't have much experience with rigging models (not much = 0), but I consider myself pretty good with mesh topology.
However, I'm also lazy, so I ask this question: With the right mesh topology and rigging, would it be possible for me to make two completely different characters just by moving the bones of one mesh, and doing a small amount of sculpting?
Since the bone structures of all mammals seems to be fundamentally the same, of course...

its a basement you build your rigging on.
yeah. every game with customizable characters does this. But I the process of setting it up is tedious and highly technical. you might as well use things like soft selection to morph old faces into new faces. Unless of course this were meant for a game using user guided input.
Soft selection?
Is that like pressing "o" in blender?
What would such a template look like though?
File: 214727-face-of-tomorrow.jpg (152.84 KB, 650x366)
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What do you mean by template? The starting mesh? It'd have to be in between all the extremes you'd use. An objectively average face.

So the objectively average face has a permanent smile of smugness built into it?
Suppose this demonstrates how people are always commanded to smile for pictures and tend to obey even though they don't want to.
> I need to inject my autism into threads and project hard

Maybe you should shitpost somewhere else for a while and come back when you're ready to be on topic.

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