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Looking for a good series on hard surface modeling on Zbrush, the one's I've find are all very old.
Are these videos by Eat3D still relevant?


Of course

Its not like the new way of doing hard surface in Zbrush isnt just as fucking tedious vs doing it normally.

Those 2 Eat3D tuts are probably the best there is for doing hardsurface in Zbrush
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I have a mesh that looks just like pic related and has a similar level of polys, can't take screenshot because am on mobile.

What if I tried to use this as a rigged character in a game in UE4? Would it be unusable? Am on mobile, so I need answers

In a white empty space with no other objects, maybe. Depends on your exact count.

In a high speed action game in a complex environment and dynamics? No.
I think the average poly count on characters on next gen consoles is around 100k
That's only for some main characters. The rest would be in the 50k ish range or lower.

no offense but such helmet costs shitload of money and recources. i dunno anyone will even consider such design for real life helmet.
Even the first series? They use Zbrush 3. How much has it changed since 2011?
Who's talking about RL? did you stumble into the wrong board or something?
> isnt just as fucking tedious vs doing it normally.
Some of the ways zModeler functions actually do take away much of the tedium vs classic poly modeling. The main downside being that all the properties of the tool are under a single right-click menu, so you have to bind hotkeys for a bunch of them to speed things up.

Isn't that shit basically like old school modeling? I don't have the newer version of Zbrush so I haven't tried it but from what I've seen it just looks like polygonal modeling but with the messy Zbrush interface
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Ok I downloaded these >>497370

How do I make a window shortcut like this?
File: zmodeler.webm (2.88 MB, 960x540)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
Nah, it's sort of a voxel based poly-modeling technique that Pixologic formulated around their existing sculpting technology. So as you push/pull surfaces, they will automatically collapse or merge with eachother, or even delete themselves but keep the surface solid instead of having an opening to the backfaces, as I show off near the end of my clip.

As you can see, it tries to maintain edge-flows and does intelligent extruding to speed up your workflow. You can adjust many parameters that determine how it behaves, and if you want to do an extrude that doesn't merge to other stuff, there's a dedicated extrude function for that.

And while all the options might seem overwhelming, you really only use a small set of them most of the time which you could just bind to hotkeys instead...
Prefs>Config>Enable Customize.
Prefs>Custom UI>Create New Menu.
Name it what you want, it will now show up on your menu bar.
Drag it from the menu bar to your left or right panel (this is just temporary).
Now that it's on your UI, you can ctrl+alt drag whatever buttons, sliders, materials, brushes, etc... you want into this menu.
You can also add sub-menus to it by going Prefs>Custom UI, and ctrl+alt drag the "Custom SubPalette" button into it. You can name the sub-palette by hold ctrl+alt and clicking on it once.

Once you have the stuff you want into it (you can always modify it more later), drag it off the side of your UI if you don't want it there (since you probably want to bind to a hotkey). And go to Prefs>Enable Customize, to turn off customization.

Now just hold ctrl+alt and click on your custom menu that's at the top and it will ask you to assign a hotkey. Done!

Afterwards, make sure to go Prefs>Config>Store Config.
As well as Prefs>Hotkeys>Store.
hi liem

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