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I want to create a very simple game where you just walk through a level. Similar too "The beginners Guide". What tool is the easiest to do so? Source SDK seems to be pretty old already so I thought about Unreal Engine. Anyone with advices?

Unreal will look better.
Unity will work too.

Do you want it to look the best it can or are you aiming for flexibility?
Thanks. Graphics are not so important for me. Would be nice if I get into it very fast. I read that Unreal has a very simple workflow and good usability while Unity might be pretty complex to use.

I'd say they're about the same, honestly. But I have a lot of experience with a lot of difference programs so I might be a bit biased.

I suppose Unreal will be more streamlined towards what you actually want out out it while Unity will have a lot of things that you'll need to ignore.
If you want the best graphics possible with a free game engine use Unreal.

I personally prefer Unity, I think it's easier to use and get into, putting things together is easy, also the graphics in Unity 5 are decent in my opinion.

With Unity you can also import 3d max files and Blender files directly, just drag and drop, very convenient and you don't need to worry about export settings. With Blender files you can just leave the modifiers on, no need to apply them and they import correctly.
Just use Unity. Unreal is for old fags from 2007 who think graphics are the only thing that make a game even though Unity 5 has just as good rendering capabilities, if not better.

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