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how shit is this workflow /3/.

>make character in zbrush
>UV/texture base body using substance painter
>make clothes in marvelous
>import into substance painter to paint
>add everything together into maya
>convert hair made in zbrush using GMH2 for maya hair
How long does that process take you?
i've never actually used it with the GMH script yet. it's just something i came up with when i saw each package and their strengths, but in practice it would probably take a a day for a character model.
Show result.
>no zbrush user
where does the UV come from after zremesh?
does Zbrush creates a usable UV for Painter to use?
also you might want to animate first or your render will stay static
>UV/texture base body using substance painter

The CLUE might be in this line.
Holy shit who cares?

>hurry during this is the order I do. Is other order better?

Just fucking make shit. Make anything. Make a literal turd. Work flow discussions and questions are 100% made by people who are scared of 3d and are inventing drama to give them an excuse to not get started.

If you have to ask about pipelines and work lows then you're not advanced enough to understand the nuances of any of them.

>does Zbrush creates a usable UV for Painter to use?
Yes and the result of the automatic unwrapper is pretty good. It sucks if you want to texture using photoshop, but since in SP you paint directly onto the model, it's good enough.
ZBrush is a load of rubbish unless you want to make high poly blob monsters or if you are artistically able, spend weeks making 'anatomically correct' sinews and muscles.
fuck me for asking but

1)why dynamesh have problems with subdivison,it keeps warning me all the time about it
2)what is the ideal range of polygons you would want on a character
3)does the number of subdivisions matter? how do i even know if im good to bake
4)when generating normals, how long does it usually take from highpoly to lowpoly
5)how does painting on lowpoly model actually translate to paint on highpoly model, what if i want to paint the baked parts
1) Read what it tells you.
2) For what purpose? Still image? Game? pre-rendered animation?
3) No, only polygon amount.
4) Depends on your computer, the model and resolutions, generally speaking not long enough to go off to do something else in the meantime.
5) All your paint details are projected onto the UV's of the low poly, not the other way around.
>1 day
Spoken by someone who knows fuck all about ZBrush's capabilities.

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