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sup /3/ I have a probably retarded question for y'all.

I'm making a game for this class and my group and I decided we wanted a kind of low-poly style. I'm down for that, especially because it makes my job as the 3d artist a lot easier in most cases, but I was wondering how well I could texture the models?

I'm shooting for about MGS1-level models, but I'm wondering if I could make the textures better. I've never seen an example where somebody used really nice and sharp textures on a borderline square-armed model but that's kind of what I want to do.

Is such a thing possible? What's your opinion on the matter? How much of an idiot am I?
You're only an idiot for thinking this makes your job easier.
Texturing something that has no shape decently implies you will convincingly paint lighting and detail everywhere, with a consistente and pleasant style, this requires strong art skills
If you really think about it, a canvas is a mono-polygon mesh. You can paint everything on a canvas, and even give the illusion of volume.
When your mesh is very simple, you have to fake the third dimension with the same techniques you'd use on a canvas. How good are you at painting?

^This guy is right. Just stick with retro and make pixelated textures. Turn of interpolation and mip mapping. the best way to keep it simple.

>Is such a thing possible? What's your opinion on the matter? How much of an idiot am I?

I think you're an idiot if you have to ask if it's possible.

You are seriously asking if it's possible to have high res textures on a low polygon object? How can the answer not be immediately obvious to you?
>low poly easier

stop going full retard
>makes my job as the 3d artist a lot easier

Low poly is far from easier
You will essentially be working with less information to convey a point
And it isn't just reducing poly count, low poly requires some specific topology and techniques to not make it look like ass
I hope you're ready for 3-4 months of R&D instead of actually finishing something up
>it makes my job as the 3d artist a lot easier
See this misconception has resulted in so many burnt out projects. It's actually easier to make stupid high poly models that look good than it is to make low poly ones that look passable.
>low poly isn't easier mind

>posted days apart
>all explaining a fact
>hive mind at all

Do you even understand the culture you're trying to mimic?

You say *word*-mind when one or more people post the exact same thing at the same time.
What programs are you using? Yes this is very possible and it's something that you can learn. I do it in blender quite often. I wouldn't try to do it on a minecraft shaped character though.

Long story short you have both a h-poly version and a l-poly version of a model. Fully texture the h-poly and bake the textures and maps to the l-poly. Most likely you'll have to edit the maps in Ps to fit. Its very time consuming to do it this way though.

If you're making a very low poly game I would consider a different art style to compliment the low poly models.
fuck off shills
Your a fucking retard.
And you and your friends wont finish shit.
If you want your question awnser look here.
But you know nothing about unwrapping and texturing so your really fucked.

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